• Garni Tschutscherhof Lajen
    Garni Tschutscherhof Lajen

    Our Val Gardena Mobil Card

    Hiking Fun by Bus and Rail

    Garni Tschutscherhof is the perfect place for a car-free holiday where you can let yourself get carried away by the unique landscape and cultural heritage travelling by train, buses and ropeways.  All you need is just one ticket.

    Immediately when you check in you get a free Val Gardena Mobilcard on the reception

    Val Gardena MOBIL CARD:

    The Mobilcard lets you travel throughout South

    Tyrol for one, three or seven consecutive days with the Integrated public transport, which includes:

    • Regional train sevices in South Tyrol to Trento
    • Local bus services
    • Renon, Maranza, San Genesio, Meltina and Verano ropeways
    • Renon tram and Mendola funicular
    • The PostAuto Schweiz bus service between Malles and Müstair